Danny Randell

Writing Portfolio

I believe there's power in the written word to communicate, motivate, and inspire. 


Portfolio of Work

Past & Present

My Work for Helcim Inc.

I've written dozens of articles for the team at Helcim since the start of 2021, and covered a range of topics such as :

  • Small Business Advice

  • Payments Industry News

  • Credit Card Processing

Working with Helcim meant constantly pivoting, staying creative, and meeting tight deadlines.

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Collaboration with Local Laundry

In the fall of 2021, I had the privilege of authoring two SEO optimized articles for a Calgary clothing company that's making a difference in the fashion industry. The themes of these articles were:

  • Sustainability in fashion

  • Buying Canadian made clothing

Local Laundry_edited_edited.png

Making History Fun with My Vintage Lifestyle

My Vintage Lifestyle is a living history blog and brand. History is one of my biggest passions, and writing this article on the Spanish Flu was a great way to put my historical training to work in an engaging way.

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"There is no more important element in the technique of [writing!] than the continual employment of the best possible word."

-Winston Churchill