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Calgary-based artist Danny Randell combines soft and soulful tunes with the stuff you can sing along to; both in his songwriting and his performance. From the shores of Newfoundland to the Alberta plains, Danny's lyrics reflect his life experiences. Drawing on the likes of Ed Sheeran, Coldplay, Taylor Swift & Mumford & Sons as influences, Danny crafts unique, pop-sensitive melodies which at times inject rhythm and at others touch the soul.



Wait For Me is Danny's first single following the release of his debut EP in 2016. A heart-felt acoustic ballad, Wait For Me reflects on the pain and challenges that come with unrequited love.


In 2016, Danny released First Name Basis: a passion project that saw Danny work for almost two years to refine his songwriting as well as his performance, and take his music from his bedroom, to the studio, and out into the world.




Word On The Street Is

"Passionate Vocals"

"Randell’s vocals offer real variety, soft and sweet at times, belting and beautiful at others...there’s something a little unique about Randell’s raw approach to songwriting. He’s got all the elements an artist needs to be successful."

"Easy to Sing Along to"

“I loved the song Eastbound Train and his songs are easy to sing along to which is important.”

Joseph Sloan

Divide & Conquer Music

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