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Nominated in 2019 for the IAMA's Best Male Artist award, Calgary-based artist Danny Randell combines soft and soulful tunes with the stuff you can sing along to; both in his songwriting and his performance.


From the shores of Newfoundland to the Alberta plains, Danny's lyrics reflect his life experiences. Drawing on the likes of Ed Sheeran, Coldplay, Taylor Swift & Mumford & Sons as influences, Danny crafts unique, pop-sensitive melodies which at times inject rhythm and at others touch the soul.

Pursuing music alongside his education since 2014, Danny first proved his ability to rally fans in 2016, when his first EP soared to #10 on the iTunes pop charts. After finishing school, Danny decided to dedicate himself to his art, and 2019 saw him competing for the IAMA Best Male Artist award, clearing the first round of CBC's Searchlight competition, and receiving an invitation to train at AE West, Canada's Music Incubator.

Having shared the stage in Calgary with the likes of Gert Taberner, Colin Carbonera (Rabino), and others, Danny enjoys connecting with audiences through his music and collaborating with other artists. With 2020 fast approaching, Danny is currently working on his next release and will continue to play shows in the new year.